Panoply The Style of Prom 2017


You know the look is going to be dramatic with added flair when Panoply designer Jay Reynolds is involved.  The edgy trendy looks are always a go to design when the creative process started with Jay.  His Panoply collection of prom dresses and pageant gowns show that impeccable taste is a “must” when searching and wearing a Panoply design look at your next formal social event.  The prom 2017 collection is arriving now so don’t wait…it’s time to stand out.

Jovani Prom 2017 Now Arriving


The time has arrived, Prom 2017!  The new 2017 prom dresses are starting to arrive at Formal Approach and are making an impact.  No matter your favorite style, color or embellishment you will be able to find it from the over 3,000 dresses and 20 designers that make up the prom and pageant collections available to make your dream dress look a reality.

Styling in a Blush Sherri Hill


The John Luke and Mary Kate wedding made this Sherri Hill gown popular. The elegant flowing appeal made everyone love it! We think it you be amazed at how beautiful, elegant, and sophisticated you will feel the moment you try it on. So get ready to find that dress that will always make you feel as beautiful as you are.

Going White Hot with Prom 2016

Alyce 6468

White is not just a wedding dress or Easter Sunday best look anymore.  It is a staple in the colors (or lack of) most coveted for prom and homecoming.  Never mind that this gorgeous Alyce Paris look also is embellished with amazing detail and is a two piece, the white with silver just makes the fashion trend radar go off the scale.  So, take into account your love of the white dress when on that prom or homecoming dress search.

Ravish in Red for Homecoming

Sherri Hill Red

Red is by far one of the hottest colors for homecoming this season.  And by the way not even the color is all that will stand out…check out the bandeau neckline and side cut outs of the Sherri Hill.  Yes, we love the color red and know you will also, it may just take a minute for us to talk you into trying it.  Don’t shy away from those bright hues this year because even more of these tones are arriving for prom 2016.

Panoply Design Styling for Prom 2016

Panoply 14665

Yes, Panoply designer Jay Reynolds once again has made a statement for prom and pageant with a gorgeous design of lace and tulle.  This mermaid stands out with both vivid colors and exquisite styling that will only make your look come together in a way that all with look toward you for their next fashion advice.  Look for this elegant style and many more coming to Formal Approach for Prom 2016.